Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Preparing for Halloween!

Last Friday, my church had a trunk or treat in the parking lot where everyone dresses up and decorates their cars' trunks. This year for Halloween, I am dressing up as Judy Nails from Guitar Hero. I l♥ve my costume!!! I went with my friend and had a lot of fun.

Josh and I trunk-or-treating!

We also went and carved pumpkins. We found two decent sized ones and Josh and I carved some cool faces.

Me picking out my pumpkin. It was actually really chilly outside. Though yesterday was 85 degrees.

Carving my awesome pumpkin!

Like my pumpkin's hat? Josh's pumpkin is the one in the back. He actually designed the face himself.

My pumpkin on Halloween night. Later, I broke a glowstick and dribbled it all over my pumpkin so he was glowing. It was pretty cool.

On Halloween night, it was beautiful outside; warm at 80 degrees, but nice. There was a little crescent moon that gave off the spooky feeling. My family and some neighbors (I was the oldest by far, the next in ranking was 5 years old) went out around the neighborhood and received a lot of candy! People were cheap, though. I had little chocolate in my bag.

Me painting Josh's face before we set out.

My awesome costume. I was told by a friend that he copied me since his costume of card board armor broke before Halloween night.

Red Ribbon Week

Last week at my school, we celebrated red ribbon week! As many of you know, most schools have a different topic each day about stopping drugs! I helped pick out the topics; it's one of the only things student council can do. The topics are Crazy Hat Day (Hat's off to RedRibbon Week), Black-Out day (Black-Out Against Drugs), Tacky (Mix-Match) day (I'd Rather be Tacky then do Drugs), Groovy Day (Groovy Without Drugs), and Slipper day (Give Drugs the Slip). Mom decided it would be a fun idea to take pictures of me these different days. We started a little late, but we did get the most fun day: Tacky Day!

Me dressing mix-matched! Everyone loved my tights (as did I).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The State Fair of Texas

We had Monday off of school (I love Columbus Day) so we went to the State Fair after we fixed the fridge I broke :). We didn't ride the Texas Star (the humongous Ferris wheel that is $6 to ride) but did have a ton of fun. We did pretty much everything, rode some rides, watched the dog show (I wanted to see the pig races), went to the petting zoo, and tried out the new fried food that Texas had to offer. This year's faves were fried pineapple ice cream, fried cookie dough (yummy), fried banana split, and the yummy fried s'more.
Me riding on a very expensive slide, but it was fun!!!

Wow! That's a lot of cotton candy!

This Thursday, my family and I went to the TCU vs. BYU football game. Of course, I was cheering for BYU. It was a lot of fun, but the final score, 32-7, didn't show it. Yeah, we were the 7.

My brother, me, and Cosmo!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back to Tennis

This morning, I went to play tennis with my friend. It has been a while since we've picked up a racket so the first few minutes were a bit messy. It was a lot of fun and a great start to my day.
Last night, my family was invited to watch Shrek 3 in a friend's backyard. The weather was perfect and we all had a great time! I think I might actually do the same, invite some friends over and watch movies for a Halloween party.

Me holding up a glow stick and chilling in a chair.

I received my report card a couple days ago. I am so happy; my lowest grade was a 96!!! I was also voted top cat, top overall person on my school team. =) My school divides the students into teams based on their classes. Each team has over 100 students. That same day I received a flu shot. So far I'm not having a reaction. I also finished A Long Way Gone and resumed Three Cups of Tea, an account of a mountain climber who builds schools for children in Pakistan. A really good read! Be happy, it's a three day weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally, Vice President of Something

Today I had a National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) meeting. During the gathering, we elected the officers. I decided to go for VP and the vote was unanimous, I was elected (actually, I was the only one running for the position, but facts are facts). I also made the yearbook staff but had to choose between StuCo or yearbook. My school had the brilliant idea that you could only be in one club (NJHS meets before school so I can stay), so I chose StuCo. Hopefully we do something this year. I have been doing well in school; I get my report card next week. I am having some problems with a couple teachers, but I can be flexible (maybe).

I got my haircut yesterday! It was getting a little long and the layers were long gone, but now, I feel great! I was needing one badly. I also had my braces tightened. The orthodontist replaced two of my brackets and added on another three. I hurt! They also said I wasn't finished. Oh great!On another note, I am reading a really good book now for the second time: A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. I am using it for a biography in Language Arts. I recommend this book, but it is a little unthinkable.