Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Day at the Races

Today, Josh and I played with Hotwheels. We had a race to see whose track was the fastest. However, everytime it was a tie. So we videotaped it. Still, we are having trouble seeing who won. Can you help us out? Comment to tell which track you think came in first. I won't say which is mine or which is Josh's. Trust me-it's hard to tell. Josh insists he won, but I think otherwise.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh my goodness! I have not written in forever! I have been so busy with the last bit of school that the computer has almost completely slid off my To-Do List. Well, I'm back on. The last day of school has come and gone. I will now be a Freshman! More good news: I have already earned a spot on my High School's Student Council! I will miss 8th grade- the carefree, the friends, all the familiar faces. But now I will get to see friends that I have not seen for years because of the school boundary lines. Summer is already in full swing down here in Texas! I don't plan to do much, so if you have any plans, please comment!

I have been babysitting the past few days and will be again tonight! I have found the time to clean out my room. I have given it a complete dust down, sorted out my jewelry, redecorated in some places, and have thrown away a lot of trash. It looks great, but isn't done yet!

I hope to be better at posting more often. Thanks for checking!