Sunday, February 15, 2009

Too Much to Do!

It's been forever and I am sorry that I haven't been able to write, or at least it seems that way. My Valentine's Day included a box of chocolates from my parents, a cool new T-Shirt along with the treats, a couple Valentines from friends, and a whole day of watching my brother. Josh claimed to be ill yesterday morning, so my parents went on errands with out us. 2 seconds after my parents walked out of the door, Josh said, "I'm not sick anymore!" and ran all over the place. After 3 hours of this, Mom and Dad came back, but only for an hour since they had to go on their date. Their date you ask? A BYU vs TCU basketball game. Not fair!!! So, my Valentine's Day included a lot of me time, which in that time, I, with the permission from my mom, created a Face book account. Yeah!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Great News and Great Wolf

Yeah! My dad is home from India for good! And he couldn't have come back without bringing gifts. ☺ He gave me a Pune Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt and a couple others with cool designs.

Tennis tryouts went great. I made first cuts, but had to miss the next practice since my family decided to take a little vacation:

Thursday morning my mom picked Josh and me up early from school and the family drove to Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf is a large hotel with an indoor water park, O.K. restaurants, relaxing spas, and over-expensive gift shops. It was fun to play in the water and have all the fun in the sun without, well, the sun. The water room was kept at a balmy 84 degrees, which isn't that warm in Texas. We're used to 94 degrees. Overall, though, it was a relaxing getaway.

Josh and I spraying each other on little, immovable jet skis. I couldn't wait to escape to the huge water slides in which it is impossible to stay dry in.

Playing Bingo in the CubClub. The card I am holding up only had two markers on it the first round, but ended up being a lucky winner the second!

I love Steak'n'Shake milkshakes. This one is a yummy banana split flavored.

At Great Wolf, there is this game called MagiQuest. All around the 8 floors of the hotel are chests, crystals, and jewels which you wave your magic wand at to become a Magi. I am a nerd, so I loved helping Josh (aka Magi Surfer Dude) win gold and experience points. I read from The Ancient Book of Wisdom for clues and hints. As a family, we won all the quests and adventures, except one. We could not beat the dragon and save the village! Oh well! Dad and I were ready to give up after the fifth try, but not Mom (Josh was too scared to even enter the room with a TV displaying the dragon). Mom made us stay for another 30 minutes that ended in failure. Better luck next time.

Josh had a meltdown after the fifth attempt to slay the dragon. We sat down and ate ice cream, but Josh wandered into the MagiQuest gift shop (have I already said that they were over-expensive?) and found a stuffed dragon. "I need it!" he cried. As Josh sobbed, Dad pulled out the camera and started taking pictures. Having received this treatment when I was younger, I had sympathy for Josh and tried to convince my laughing parents to stop.