Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mixed Thoughts of this Month

Well, last week I won my second singles match of the tennis season and my first doubles! This week, it was too cold and rainy to play. Plus, the team we would play is really good, so I have mixed feelings of not playing them.

Ohhh, the TAKS test. Even though it was two weeks ago that I took it, I still have nightmares. The reading is the most boring because the stories are anything but interesting. I believe I did well, though.

Spring Break is finally here! My grandmother is supposed to come into town and I can't wait! Hopefully it will stop raining and get a little warmer. And to start the break off right, I just bought tickets for the Coldplay concert this summer! I am sooooooo excited. It will be my first concert.

Only 8 days until my birthday!!!!

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